The legendary CAVOTAGOO draws world travellers into a seductive realm of sensuous pleasures
A realm of unpretentious class, style and glamour, seamlessly blending the elements of... Cycladic tradition with the magnificence of contemporary architecture
The world of CAVOTAGOO

When you feel as you are reaching for the stars, floating on air amidst the sea and sky, unleashing your senses in a world of unrivalled privacy, seductive moments and exciting experiences, you know you’ve reached your destination: CAVOTAGOO Mykonos & Santorini design hotels.

Sea View Luxury Hotels in Santorini & Mykonos Regarded as two of the best hotels in the Cyclades, both CAVOTAGOO 5 star hotels in Santorini & Mykonos give luxury holidays a whole new meaning by providing immense peace and comfort, moments of pleasure and intriguing memories to treasure for life. Whether seeking for quality luxury accommodation, a soothing wellness experience, a culinary journey to a world of flavorsome revelations, an adventure to uncover hidden gems and reveal the past and heritage of the Cyclades islands, a voyage to pristine coasts and tales of true passion, pick one of the CAVOTAGOO luxury hotels in Mykonos & Santorini and let us breathe life into your dreams.


Travel Life Experiences The CAVOTAGOO 5 star hotels in Greece welcome you to appreciate the true meaning of life experiences, immerse in your tranquil private pool, embark on sailing adventures with a private yacht through the endless Aegean azure, hire a jet and fly between Santorini and Mykonos, explore the sacred island of Delos and the most legendary sites in a luxury car, celebrate life, your wedding day and honeymoon and let us treat you like royalty.

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