True to our beliefs.. cavotagoo strives to be a canvas upon which visitors can colour their island dreams.
Our number one priority is to make every effort to ensure that each visit is fondly etched in our customers minds and every stay is an experience to treasure for life.
Moments of Destiny… CavoTagoo is an experience of sheer luxury, refinement and romance unfolding before your eyes against the dramatic backdrop of the caldera and the crimson painted sky.
Our goal is to continue realizing your dreams in an environment drenched with luxury, Cycladic splendor and romantic wonder.
The moments collected from CAVOTAGOO will be more than a memory to share, every moment lived in our luxury suites will be forever engraved in your heart. This is what you are destined to experience…
CAVOTAGOO has succeeded in being a world-favoured cosmopolitan 5 star hotel and a dream destination for seekers of unique experiences.